Music Therapy

Music Therapy


Not only has Tom been able to assess and adapt to Dan’s physical abilities through music but he has also provided Dan with a positive male role model and a friend. Tom’s passion for music and music therapy is evident in his playful interactions with Dan and his dedication continues beyond the bi-monthly sessions.

– Mother of 6 years muscular dystrophy client. (clients name changed for confidentiality)


Music therapy is an innovative treatment approach combining the multidimensional elements of music and of therapy approaches, to address cognitive, communicative, psychosocial and physical necessities for positive developmental growth, rehabilitation, or general well being. To become a music therapist one must obtain a degree in music therapy in which the student undergoes intense study into the discipline of music, psychology, biology, and music therapy core courses.


My personal approach in providing music therapy is that I aim to understand, to the best of my ability, how life is perceived from the clients perspective. Next, I consider how, their strengths can aid their weaknesses and how our relationship can co-exist, through music, to promote positive outcomes in their life.

It is imperative that I honour each client regardless of what his/her condition or challenge may be. I intend to make a dependable relationship with each client, one in which, they feel comfortable and desire to be apart of. In developing this relationship I establish goals for each client and a framework on how we will meet those goals. Goals tend to stay in tact, while the objectives may fluctuate as the relationship develops. When goals are met, new ones will be set. Even though the therapist is the one managing the sessions, the client can set goals as-well. I strive to be conscious of what the client is expressing to me, while considering how we can apply these expressions to meet their goals.


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